CV Resume Tips

Resume Writing Tips for freshers

1) Provide 100% true information.

2) You can have a standard template, but tweak your resume based on the job requirements. Otherwise automatic screening will discard your resume even if you are a worthy candidate.

3) Keep it short and concise. Use one-page resume template. The recruiters have no time to scan through multiple pages of your resume. Stand out with just a single page resume.

4) Make your resume easy to read.

5) Do a spell check and avoid any typos.

6) Split your resumes to dedicated sections. The recruiter can the focus on specific areas such as your project work or qualifications.

7) Ensure your resume looks professional. Try using any of our various templates

8) Include any relevant project work or internship experience

9) List out all your achievements and awards that you won.

10) List out all your extracurricular activities that could demonstrate factors such as “team work”, “hard work”, “Motivation”, “creativity” etc..

11) Always send the resume as a PDF to preserve all the formatting. Never send your resume in .doc format to the employer.

11) A typical layout of a fresher resume should have following sections

  • Name and contact header that is easy to read and stand out
  • A small and brief objective, although it is not mandatory to have one.
  • Educational Qualifications – check if you qualify based on the job requirements.
  • Skills – Use the same keywords as defined in the job description so that your resume pass through a computer algorithm
  • Internship or Project – Provide relevant details such that you address the requirements in the job description, by relating to it.
  • Achievements and awards – Try to link it to the job description and expand on it.If you got any certifications the highlight those.

12) Final tip: Do not send the resume that is done as a half-hearted quick job. For it will surely end up in the recycle bin of the employer.