CV Resume Tips

10 Dos and Dont’s of a Resume



1) Do have a summary – at the beginning of your resume that briefly shows your skills and experience. This is helpful if you have lot of experience that you need to tie to a common theme.

2) Do tell the truth – Ensure that all the data on your resume is 100% true.

3) Do include your personal contact info. It should have your name, address, email, phone number, linked in URL and any other personal website, if you have one. Do not use your work contact info.

4) Do use data and numbers – Recruiters love resume that have numbers like “Increased productivity by 20%”. Quantify all your accomplishments

5) Do keep it one page – Average recruiter spends less than 2 minutes to read your resume. So he cannot read your 4 page essay resume. Keep it short and keep it simple.

6) Don’t include plain and obvious skills – Everyone knows that you can use internet and create Word documents or Excel sheets. Use the space to showcase skills that makes you stand out from the crowd.

7) Don’t try to hide any gaps – Be honest and explain any unemployment periods or gaps in education. You would have picked up some new skills in this time that might be relevant to the job that you are applying for.

8) Don’t use jargons or buzzwords – Especially in Tech resumes. Most likely your resume will first go to a HR personnel who will not understand it. So keep it in simple layman terms.

9) Don’t cram lot of information – Be succinct and to the point. Make your resume readable and have good white space between various items of the resume.

10) Don’t send your resume in Word document – Your special formatting might be lost when the recruiters opens the resume. Hence always save your resume as a PDF file which will ensure all formatting stays the way you had designed it.